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Employer support fund –what you need to know 


The Employer Support Fund supports T-Level industry placements financially, helping cover the real costs of creating useful placements that bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical work experience. 

The fund is active until 31 March 2024, offering financial help with the legitimate costs associated with running effective industry placements, crucial for preparing students for the real world. 

Who can benefit? 

The fund is open to most employers involved in T-Level industry placements, including those in skills hubs and NHS trusts. 

What’s covered? 

The fund is designed to help with the various costs associated with creating T-Level industry placements. This includes things like setting up processes and systems, training staff, getting equipment and insurance and even providing transport .

Supporting ongoing improvement 

The Employer Support Fund also covers extra training if it’s needed to make placements better for students or to improve the overall quality. If you already have employees doing T-Level industry placements with you, the fund covers the costs related to their placement hours. 

Payments and planning 

The amount you can claim for each student isn’t limited, but the total claim for all students can’t go over £25,000. The payment will come through your placement provider. They’ll work with you to figure out the best way to get the money to you. It’s also a good idea to think about any tax implications before you receive the funding. 

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