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Promoting measurement and testing and speaking with one voice to Government, UKAS and the European laboratory community.

The BMTA is the only UKAS stakeholder representing the interests of the UK calibration, measurement and test industries. On behalf of our members we attend all the UKAS PAF, UKAS PAC meetings and the UKAS AGM and report to our members all activities both on the website and in our quarterly newsletter.


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The BMTA (British Measurement and Testing Association) was formed to develop and represent the interests of the UK’s measurement and testing industry. The BMTA provides a forum for the exchange of views on topics relating to measurements across all technical disciplines and promotes education and training in measurement and testing as well as identifying common measurement problems and promoting their solutions. The BMTA also represents the European interests of the industry by arranging representation on EUROLAB via the EUROLAB UK consortium.


Membership of the BMTA is open to all laboratory-based organisations associated with the measurement and testing industry. Membership fees are worked out based on the size of your organisation so that even the smallest organisation is able to afford membership. Benefits include access to informative resources, dedicated trade listings, networking opportunities and the opportunity to influence legislation and make a real change in the industry.


Trade association membership is a sign of a reputable and trustworthy organisation. Being a member of BMTA demonstrates that you’re serious about quality, service and value in the measurement and testing industry. Register today to become a member.


BMTA was created in 1990 in response to the need for an independent ‘lobby’ for the private sector to speak with one voice to Government, UKAS, BSI and other official bodies on issues affecting the whole measurement and testing community. BMTA represents the interests of the measurement and testing industry in the UK and in Europe, through its representation on EUROLAB, the voice for laboratories in Europe. BMTA will encourage you to make your views known in the standards making process, both nationally and internationally, through the association and individual membership of relevant committees. We work to increase awareness of the measurement and testing industry, and provide training, through seminars and workshops, on topical subjects. It is a non-profit making association that is run by a council elected by its members.