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Membership of the BMTA is open to all laboratory-based organisations associated with the measurement and testing industry. Many, but not all, BMTA members operate UKAS-accredited laboratories.

Our membership fees are worked out based on the size of your organisation so that even the smallest organisation is able to afford membership. For more information about membership and prices please visit our Join page

Use the menu to view information about our current members, council and secretariat.

A list of these together with nominated representatives is given below. More information on the member companies, corporate bodies and organisations who have accepted the BMTA offer to have this information attached to this website, may be obtained by clicking the hotlinks next to their name.

If your company, corporate body or organisation is a BMTA member and wishes similar information to be attached to this website and/or wishes to be linked to your own website, please send it in appropriate format to

Individuals are able to join the BMTA in the form of an associate membership. Associate membership offers you access to regular updates via our newsletter and website content on the latest industry news and feature articles as well as networking opportunities and free access to informative resources. 

Please contact for more information.

Life membership of the BMTA is for those who have had a big impact on the industry through their career or have been long-standing BMTA council members and are now retired from the industry.

The day-to-day running of BMTA is handled by its secretariat. The secretariat provides up-to-date news on the industry and organises events and meetings as well as shaping the editorial direction of our regular newsletter.