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Training – 8 May 24 – Further statistical tools for analytical scientists

Date:             08 May 2024

Duration:    1 day

Location:    Teddington

Cost:             £650.00 +VAT

Modern analytical instruments are capable of producing a large amount of data. To interpret this data effectively requires the application of statistics. This course builds on the topics covered in the ‘Statistics for analytical scientists’ course and includes some more advanced statistical tools. It will allow analysts to address issues such as identifying outliers in a data set, handling non-normal distributions of data and carrying out weighted and non-linear regression. The course includes laptop-based workshops using Excel.

What are the benefits?

This course will help you:

  • Deal with normal and non-normal distributions
  • Identify cases of normally distributed data with outliers
  • Calculate statistical parameters in the presence of probable outliers
  • Identify where two-way ANOVA is appropriate
  • Use some of the more advanced regression tools
  • Use Excel functions for the analysis of data.

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