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European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT) 

European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT)


The European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT) took place from 3-7 July in Lisbon, Portugal. 

This conference is a major international event for the European Federation of Non-Destructive Testing, its member societies and stakeholders. 

This year’s conference placed particular focus on the technical and scientific aspects of non-destructive testing (NDT) and featured the most recent advancements in research and development, as well as the application of NDT in various industrial sectors. 

Opening highlights included a speech from TIC council general director Hanane Taidi on global trends and developments in the TIC sector and Professor Telmo G Santos from the Nova School of Science and Technology and chair of the ECNDT scientific committee. Other sessions included numerical simulation, modelling and data processing, materials characterisation and ultrasound phased arrays, as well as a look at NDT education around the world. 

An exhibition showcasing the equipment and instruments used by the industry took place alongside the conference and there was a launch of a new journal, the Research and Review Journal for Nondestructive Testing (ReJNDT), in which selected papers from the conference will be published.

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