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MICROPLASTICS: regulations, standards and the role of laboratories


The Eurolab webinar on MICROPLASTICS: regulations, standards and the role of laboratories was held on 15 and 16 February 2023.

An online event with the purpose of raising awareness on the framework of EU legislations and standardisation activities in the field, the event identified key issues and aspects of concern raised by key stakeholders. These included the growth in microplastic pollution, environmental and health risks posed by microplastics, as well as the important role of laboratories in identifying microplastics and conducting chemical analysis of plastics.

The first part outlined the EU laws and policies regulating microplastics, and the currently used laboratory utilities, including the industry perspective and its role in how to possibly approach the issue in a more sustainable way. The second part of the webinar covered more technical topics, including methods for microplastic investigation and the role of standards and standardisation initiatives to tackle the issue of microplastics (CEN and ISO).

Attendees were able to connect, learn and share knowledge and best practices with experts in the field of microplastics, on EU legislations, standardisation activities and other key issues.

Speakers included high-level representatives from the European Chemicals Agency, European Commission DG ENV, Plastics Europe, CENELEC, ISO and the laboratory sector.


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