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Third Dimension, manufacturer of the GapGun and Vectro precision-measurement tools, has extended its T-series line of measurement sensor with the new T15

The GapGun is an optical measurement system that uses laser triangulation technology to collect its measurements.

The T15 sensor projects a laser stripe across the surface of a part to determine the measurable feature. Simultaneously, the integrated camera system takes images of this static laser stripe. As the angle is known between the camera and the laser projection, then an algorithm can be written to calculate the dimensions of the surface over which the laser falls and the camera sees. This measured data is then transformed to point cloud format to generate a digital copy of the surface.

A point cloud is produced by software that uses image processing to convert the images of the profile into a series of points which can be used to extrapolate the shape of the feature. These points allow the system to analyse the measured surface. Because a laser is a clean form of structured light, measured data is highly reliable and can be used as a stable light source for data analysis.

This new sensor addresses a key challenge for metrology and quality teams in the aerospace, automotive, energy and industrial sectors who regularly need to measure small radii and make accurate measurements on all sorts of component parts with total confidence to meet precision, safety and efficiency requirements.  

Francois Froment, CEO at Third Dimension, said: “We are delighted to be bringing this high precision sensor to market to start the year. Working closely with our distributors and customers we know that we have created a solution which meets their high precision metrology needs, including enhancing their industry 4.0 strategies.” 

“Whether for car parts or other industrial equipment, ensuring these fine tolerances through accurate measurement is essential, and in the past has been a labour-intensive activity for metrologists. The T15, which integrates easily with GapGun and Vectro, will help change this.”   

An automotive OEM and a Third Dimension customer who took part in T15 trials, said: “The Gapgun used with the new T15 sensor offers an efficient tool to measure dashboards quickly and accurately. This tool allows us to digitalise our dashboard control, secure data traceability and provides an overall saving compared to manual gauges. Its exceptional ergonomic design allows operators to use the tool inline or offline.  


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