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Metamaterials: from health to energy 


The National Physical Laboratory-led Manufacturing Measurement Network (MMN) and the UK Metamaterials Network partnered to deliver a webinar in May to highlight metamaterials, the opportunities that they could bring to industry, and the role that metrology plays in supporting the commercialisation of new materials. 

The webinar explored applications of metamaterials including in communications, energy and more. Metamaterials are 3D structures engineered to have properties, in response to input such as light, mechanical forces or sounds, that are not possible with only their unstructured constituent materials. Metamaterial families include acoustic, photonic, and mechanical metamaterials. 

Metamaterials are increasingly being developed for industrial applications, for instance with applications in defence, space, health and sports. 

NPL’s Manufacturer Measurement Network (MMN) supports the UK manufacturing supply chain by disseminating information, sharing best practice and offering training. Its role is to help the prosperity of advanced manufacturing so that the production of non-conforming parts is minimised, upskilling and building staff awareness to use the right measurement equipment at the right time in the production process, building confidence in a manufacturer’s quality system, which can be demonstrated to auditors, customers or other third parties; and enhance processes, production and efficiency to help competitiveness.’

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