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Two new UKAS portals


Alongside the recent launch of UKAS’s free-touse online database of accredited management systems certifications, CertCheck, the organisation has launched two new new portals. From May 2023, all UKAS customers (with the exception of healthcare and forensics customers, who will gain access slightly later in the year) will have access to both UKAS portals. 

In the UKAS main portal (MP), UKAS customers will be able to set up access for multiple internal users and manage and update their contact details, advise UKAS of any organisational changes, review assessment details, complete and submit pre-assessment questionnaires, review their project statuses and view UKAS contacts, submit applications for extensions to scope, including the uploading of supporting documentation and upload, download and view project documents, including assessment reports, within the UKAS document handling system, without the need for additional signon. 

In the UKAS assessment portal (AP), customers will be able to review and respond to any improvement actions raised by UKAS assessors. This enables customer responses to reach UKAS assessors faster, view feedback from UKAS following submission of their evidence and receive automatic notifications when further evidence is required. They can also reassign ownership of improvement actions internally, enabling the efficient handling of workload within their organisation, view the status of improvement actions for the current assessment cycle and for previous years. UKAS believes that its portals will enable greater visibility for customers and improve its service while enhancing collaboration between UKAS and its customers. UKAS will continue to invest in the digitisation of many aspects of the assessment process and the portals will play a key role in supporting this goal.

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