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Metrology at the heart of Europe’s economic recalibration


A new report from the European Commission calls for a strategic overhaul that places metrology at the core of Europe’s economic recalibration.

The report outlines the EU’s lagging position behind global leaders, such as the US and China, in digital competitiveness. 

The report offers a detailed analysis of Europe’s current standing within global value chains, particularly in critical technology areas identified by the European Commission. Key challenges include lagging digital competitiveness (especially in areas such as artificial intelligence and advanced semiconductors), a fragmented market and investment shortfall and a stringent regulatory environment. 

Despite these challenges, the report identifies substantial opportunities for Europe to enhance its technological capabilities and secure its economic future. These include capitalising on Europe’s leadership in connectivity and renewable energy tech, particularly wind energy, space technology and additive manufacturing.

As Europe advances in quantum technology and biotechnology, precise measurement science has become increasingly vital. Metrology ensures the accuracy and reliability required to capitalise on breakthroughs in these sectors.

The report’s vision for Europe’s future as a digital powerhouse by 2030 rests on a fundamental shift in strategy. Embracing metrology as a key enabler of technological innovation, Europe will be able to enhance its digital competitiveness, safeguard its economic security and secure its place at the forefront of global technological advancements.

Read the report here


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