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UKAS Policy Advisory Forum meeting


The UKAS Policy Advisory Forum (PAF) meeting took place in September, the first time the PAF has convened in person since 2019. 

There were presentations from Matt Gantley (UKAS strategic update) and Lorraine Turner (PACE programme) and Craig Watson, Deputy Director, Office for Product Safety and Standards.

PAF received applications from new organisations, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, HMRC, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Electrical Appliances, the Engineering and Machinery Alliance and the Welsh Government.

In his opening remarks, UKAS Chairman, Lord Lindsay, referenced UKAS’s continued closer working with national quality infrastructure partners, the British Standards Institution and the National Physical Laboratory, to highlight how accreditation, standards and measurement can support better, smarter and more agile regulation.

Other topics covered during the meeting included the strengthening of UKAS/OPSS relationship, OPSS funding for UKAS digital projects, the extension of CE marking for DBT regulated products and the UK’s signing of the CPTPP Accession Protocol. There was also an update on the extensive programme of work underway in UKAS to respond to lessons learnt from the Grenfell tragedy and subsequent public inquiry. As part of the PACE programme UKAS is also looking at complaints handling and reports of quality incidents.

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