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TIC Council/EURACTIV hybrid conference – EU’s directive on corporate sustainability due diligence – striking the right balance for business, consumers and investors? 

TIC Council/EURACTIV hybrid conference

A TIC Council/EURACTIV hybrid conference took place in Brussels (and online) to discuss the implications of the new corporate sustainability due diligence directive. 

In 2022, the European Commission put forward a proposal for a directive on corporate sustainability due diligence, aimed at creating more responsible corporate behaviour throughout global value chains. The Commission argues that these new rules will bring certainty and a level playing field for the business sector, while there will be more transparency for consumers and investors.

The proposed directive aims to establish a mandatory due diligence framework for EU-based companies and their supply chains to identify, prevent, and mitigate adverse human rights, environmental impacts. The directive is expected to cover a wide range of issues. However, there are ongoing discussions about what should be covered in the directive, the size requirements of the companies that should be included and the impact it can have on SMEs.

The conference addressed questions such as how can clear standards help collect the most relevant data from companies and how can harmonious processes be enforced between different member states?

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