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Robotic Inspection 

Robotic Inspection

Robots have been used in industry for many years and for many purposes including performing repetitive tasks, reducing the risk of dangerous tasks through automation, manual handling and packing, and increasingly – inspection.

Unsurprisingly there is an increase in the integration of robots into industry as we seek greater efficiencies, look for increased production and aim to improve quality through improved repeatability of certain tasks. UK providers of robotic integration are busy supporting these aspects of work including the provision of some very innovative automation solutions.

Robotic inspection has been around for a while but is becoming more widespread and using better and more capable sensors and instrumentation. The next step is to enhance the capabilities of these systems and make them more repeatable and accurate.

NPL held an online MMN (Manufacturer Measurement Network) event on Robotic Inspection on Tuesday 8th November. This included speakers from academia, industry and research.

Daniel Tyas of Olympus technologies spoke about vision-based technologies in collaborative robotics, Andrew Weightman from The University of Manchester discussed robotic inspection in extreme environments and David Gorman and Michael Campbell from NPL presented on the topic of large-volume metrology for robotic inspection. 

If you would like to view this event you can access the recording along with recordings of other events here:

To learn more about the Manufacturer Measurement Network look here:


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