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Telescopic ladder safety campaign from the Ladder Association

Telescopic Ladder Surveillance Survey Report Version 1 Revision 0 May 2022 Page 01 1 scaled

The Ladder Association’s recent research and testing of a sample of telescopic ladders (obtained online and in-store) showed that 4 out of 5 of the ladders tested in this specific survey, failed the required safety tests designed to keep users safe.

The research, conducted in partnership with Trading Standards, gives consumers an increased awareness of the issue and encourages them to exercise caution when buying telescopic ladders, particularly online.

Working at height can be risky enough, without the added danger of unsafe equipment – every 11 minutes in the UK, someone attends A&E after sustaining an injury involving a ladder. A fall from height can cause life-changing injuries, and in some cases, death.

Research carried out by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) also found only 17% of consumers consider safety at the time of purchase, reflecting the trust placed in suppliers, retailers, marketplaces and online platforms to only supply safe products.

Vicki Burch, Chair of the East of England Trading Standards Association Product Safety Group, said: “EETSA and Suffolk Trading Standards Imports Team have found it invaluable to work with the Ladder Association on this project.

“From the samples provided by EETSA, over half failed the appropriate tests to the applicable safety standard.

“For those telescopic ladders identified as non-compliant, action has been taken to ensure they are removed from sale.

“EETSA would advise consumers to take time to research before buying, particularly online, buy from reputable sources and check product reviews.

“If consumers have concerns about the safety of a product before or after purchase, it should be reported to Trading Standards.”

The ladder safety campaign, ‘Step Up to Safe Ladders’, aims to shine a light on the very real dangers of poor-quality telescopic ladders on the market, to stop the sale of these unsafe ladders in the UK, and ultimately keep people safe when using ladders. You can find the full report at:

Telescopic Ladder Surveillance Survey Report Version 1 Revision 0 May 2022 Page 01 1 scaled