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It was preceded by a discussion on UKAS Strategy chaired by Lord Lindsay UKAS Chairman in which the UKAS Members present set out their ideas for UKAS over the next five years. A broad range of topics and issues were raised including a focus on improving the quality of service for the end users of accreditation; digitisation of services, accreditation and standards; standards for AI; reduction of carbon footprint especially for international work and accreditation for small businesses.

Lorraine Turner UKAS Director of accreditation gave a presentation on project PACE – UKAS  response to the Grenfell Inquiry.

Following the AGM, the UKAS Annual Lunch was attended by over 100 guests comprising UKAS members and stakeholders from across business and government. Following lunch, guests were addressed by Lord Lindsay, Matt Gantley (UKAS CEO) and Lord Hutton.

Tony and Jeff also participated in the rescheduled UKAS Policy Advisory Forum. More than sixty UKAS Members, Directors and Stakeholders joined the meeting. Presentations were made by Lord Lindsay, Matt Gantley, Ron Gainsford (PAF Chairman), Lorraine Turner on Project PACE and Jeff Ruddle, UKAS Strategy Director. 

After seven years of sterling service, Ron Gainsford, the former CEO of CTSI, has stood down. He was thanked by Lord Lindsay and Matt Gantley for his excellent work on behalf of UKAS chairing the PAF and the Policy Advisory Committee. Caroline Hamilton CEO of SAFED was unanimously elected as PAF/PAC chair to succeed Ron. Caroline has previously chaired a UKAS Technical Advisory Group.