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Company profile – Markes International

Markes joined the Schauenburg Group in 2012 and established Schauenburg Analytics as a parent company. At this point, Markes had acquired time-of-flight (TOF) technology and had commercialised a bench-top TOF mass spectrometer (TOF MS). Becoming part of Schauenburg enabled Markes to cement the partnership between the measurement (TOF MS) and sample preparation (TD) sides of the business.

In 2016, the expanding measurement and separations part of the business was crystallised into Markes’ sister company SepSolve under the umbrella of Schauenburg Analytics. The defining philosophy and purpose of Schauenburg Analytics is to serve our customers by continually advancing technical innovation and by providing an unmatched level of expert application and technical support to users.

Markes’ and SepSolve’s products and services are used worldwide for a range of applications such as environmental monitoring, homeland security, and analysis of consumer products, foods and beverages. In addition to these well-established fields, their systems are also widely used in advanced research, such as breath sampling for disease diagnosis and investigations into chemical ecology. To enhance both companies’ services, Schauenburg Analytics has also recently launched the Schauenburg Analytics Academy, which is a training and technical services portal where customers can access expert help when needed.

Markes derives great value from being a member of the BMTA, from representing the Association on BSI committees through to networking opportunities. Membership also enables Markes to keep up to date with industry news and trends.