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How To Specify Your Calibration Requirements – NPL Webinar

For small to medium-sized businesses, the calibration of measurement and testing equipment can seem a black art. A number of decisions have to be made such as when to calibrate a particular item of equipment, the accuracy required, who should do it and how much it will cost. 

Reliable calibration is necessary to ensure the requisite quality of measurement. The end-user, or customer, may well specify the frequency and uncertainty of measurement that they need, leaving it to the testing laboratory to ensure it happens.

In response to numerous enquiries from BMTA member companies and interactions with businesses from different sectors, a webinar held by NPL, with contributions from Trescal and Best Measurement, was held and recorded and a subsequent document written. These help organisations specify their calibration requirements to meet their needs in a way that ensures their equipment is fit for purpose for their own test and measurement applications. A sound understanding of the calibration process encourages better planning, can reduce costs and lead to a better, higher quality of service.

The document ‘How to specify your calibration requirements’ can be found here:

Access to the webinar recording can be found below: