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Tackling human rights in the digital sphere: international seminar on challenges of content moderation, AI and action against cybercrime


Critical issues on the agenda discussed how to determine the borderline between moderating harmful or illegal content online and censoring freedom of expression as well as who should decide if a specific content is harmful or illegal and be responsible for acting against it.

The seminar also addressed the implications of the use of artificial intelligence for human rights, in particular the risk of discrimination, and the challenges of combatting cybercrime with the appropriate rule of law safeguards.

The event, co-organised by the Council of Europe – with particular involvement of the European Court of Human Rights – the René Cassin Foundation and the Strasbourg general consulates of Japan and the USA marks the 25th anniversary of the observer status of both states to the Council of Europe.

Opening speakers at the event included Robert Spano, President of the European Court of Human Rights, Bjørn Berge, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Ambassador Takeshi Akamatsu, Permanent Observer of Japan to the Council of Europe, Darragh Paradiso, Consul General and Deputy Permanent Observer of the USA to the Council of Europe, and Emmanuel Decaux, President of the René Cassin Foundation (International Institute of Human Rights).

The event, held in hybrid format, was also webcast live on the conference website.