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A Solution for Entry-Level Jobs

Industry placements are an ideal solution for entry-level skills. They can help you build a pipeline of talent for junior positions or apprenticeships.


Cost-effective Channel for Recruitment

You can avoid many of the costs associated with recruitment by working with local colleges and schools to connect with young people who are deciding on their careers.


Develop Young People into your Industry

Placements give you a chance to work alongside the next generation of workers entering your industry, making sure they develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to succeed.



Better Management and Mentoring Skills

Placements create opportunities for staff to act as buddies, coaches or line managers to students. This helps existing staff gain management and mentorship skills, both of which are known to increase job satisfaction.


A Fresh Perspective

For smaller employers, young people can be an invaluable source of new and interesting ideas that can change the way you think about doing business.


Extra Help with Projects

In an environment where staff are doing multiple roles and struggling to meet difficult deadlines, an industry placement student could help support a key piece of work.



Improved Diversity

Industry placements create opportunities for a diverse range of 16 to 19-year-olds. Diversity helps your organisation understand customers better, creates better performing teams and increases innovation and creativity.


Create Shared Value in your Community

Traditionally, organisations have supported social causes by making charitable donations. Industry placements are different in that they help create ‘shared value’. They’re a way of giving back that benefits the young people in your community as well as your business.


Enhanced Brand Image and Profile

A commitment to industry placements raises your organisation’s profile, locally and nationally, especially as T Levels gain more public exposure with your customers and clients.