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Make UK – Upskilling technical skills


Make UK’s purpose-built Technology Training Campus in Aston, Birmingham, has been designed to replicate modern manufacturing and engineering workplaces to deliver a range of bespoke in-plant programmes to support upskilling requirements tailored to suit the employers’ needs. Make UK recognises that training and producing the next generation of talent that the sector so desperately needs is vital to the industry, training over 300 apprentices per year for a variety of employers across all sectors of manufacturing.

Last year, the first-ever cohort of metrology technician apprentices in the UK completed their Metrology Technician Level 3 training at Aston. Launched in 2018 in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, this qualification included expert tuition and state of the art equipment, together with on and off-the-job training to develop the essential metrology knowledge, skills and behaviours required. This programme is tailored and has been developed through extensive customer research, enabling the industry to secure world-class measurement skills to unlock productivity and efficiency gains.

The curriculum, involving a tailored two to three-year programme, is the first-ever apprenticeship measurement standard to be approved by government. It has been developed to bridge the skills gap for measurement expertise in the UK – to help apprentices gain a more in-depth understanding of measurement and its applications. The full apprenticeship is equivalent to two A-level passes, allowing for an accessible, non-traditional route into the measurement industry that is benchmarked to industry standards.

Apprentices on the course learn about understanding measurement units and applications and identifying measurement needs, how to measure accurately and what can cause uncertain results, mathematical techniques, including statistics, data analysis and measurement calculations, how to use measuring instruments and relevant regulations.

Also in partnership with NPL, Make UK offer a range of measurement and metrology qualifications that cover:

  • Dimensional Measurement User (DMU) (EAL qualification level 2)
  • Dimensional Measurement Applier (DMA) (EAL qualification level 3)
  • Laser Safety Workshop
  • Coordinate Measurement Methods (CMM) Verification to ISO 10360
  • Introduction to Measurement and Metrology e-learning

For further information, contact Make UK to see how we can support you with your upskilling needs and to learn more about our programmes run in partnership with NPL.  Email: