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Invitation to the AMPI open workshop 5th November

Invitation to the AMPI open workshop 5th November


Invitation to the AMPI open workshop 5th November

For an opportunity to engage with and influence this programme, please sign up HERE (

AMPI will establish and develop economic growth in the design, development and manufacture of advanced intelligent machinery, robotic and cooperative systems. It will also deliver an increase in the skills and knowledge, at all levels, needed by industry to sustain that growth.

AMPI will be a pivotal UK intervention, centred around existing capabilities and research excellence across the North of England. It will provide a secure collaboration and innovation space, the technical resources and skills pipeline needed for advanced machinery innovation to flourish.

Based in Rochdale AMPI will facilitate large company resources for SMEs, with the benefit of a supportive collaborative framework, providing access to industry champions and leading academic/research institutions to drive regional innovation and performance.

AMPI is currently seeking foundation project partners to anchor both industrial and research initiatives in advanced machinery.

  • Industrial partners could expect to receive safe-environment support for the development of both industry-led innovation and industry-defined academic research projects. Projects are invited from £30,000 up to £500,000 matched funding.
  • Associate delivery partners could expect to engage in a range of activities including funded research, participation in external funding applications, delivery of commercial services, or provision of core services as needed by industry.