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CIM 2019 – Focus on Metrology Issues

19th International Metrology Congress. 

24th-26th September, Paris, France.

The CIM is the only event of its kind in Europe and has proven to be a tremendous hit with the entire profession. It incorporates a conference on the latest developments in technology and measurement processes, where 900 participants come together from 45 countries, now organised in partnership with the new Measurement World exhibition,

  • a meeting place for manufacturers, experts and scientists, where the whole European metrology research community gets together every other year
  • a networking space for everyone involved: manufacturers and service providers, official bodies, end-users from all kind of industry, university staff, researchers, etc
  • a showcase for the technological skills and opportunities available to industry through expertise in measurements and industrial processes.
  • Metrology and measurement are two sectors with dynamic evolutions due to the developments associated with Industry 4.0: intelligent instrumentation and sensors, data use and security, collaborative robotics, AI, etc.
  • Come along to learn about and “Share Measurement Intelligence” relating to industrial metrology at CIM 2019!

For more information visit the CIM 2019 Programme page.