At the heart of the i2 Group (i2 Analytical and i2 FAST) ethos is personal contact and clear customer communication. We always like to be transparent and keep you informed about the  developments within our organisation.

For this reason we are pleased to announce that the i2 Group has joined the Normec Group.

What does this mean for you? 

The Normec Group is a global organisation, offering a complete package in the field of  (laboratory) testing, analysis, inspections, and certifications. By becoming part of the Normec  Group, the i2 Group is immediately able to provide an expanded package of services via the  Normec Group of Laboratories, whilst providing the Normec Group a significant platform against  which we are able to grow. 

However, we will continue to trade as i2 Analytical Limited and i2 FAST Limited, with all day to  day functions remaining as they are. This means no change to contact addresses, contact names,  contact numbers and e-mail addresses. 

Les Jones remains as CEO to carry on progressing the i2 and Normec vision, supported by the  existing team of Directors, Managers, Technical, Analytical and ancillary services staff. 

What about the future? 

The future of the i2 Group under the ownership of the Normec Group provides significant scope  for growth into new areas of analysis, new locations, enhanced testing capabilities and  enhanced systems across the group. 

For more information about the Normec Group, please visit