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Examples of Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation Workshop

21-22 January 2020 at LNE, Paris

The workshop covers areas of calibration, testing, comparison and conformance, and embrace the sectors of energy, environment, quality of life, industry and society.

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BMTA Newsletter - Autumn 2019

This is the first of our quarterly BMTA newsletters, aimed at providing a greater depth of information and richer insight into a specific area of interest.

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Office for Product Safety and Standards laid a new SI on Weights and Measures Act

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ISO Strategy 2030 BSI Stakeholder Consultation Webinar

ISO Strategy 2030 BSI Stakeholder Consultation Webinar - Monday 29th July 2019

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BMTA comments on TPS 72 UKAS Policy on Decision Rules

BMTA offers the following comments on the draft UKAS document ‘TPS 72 UKAS Policy on Decision Rules-Pass/Fail Criteria taking Uncertainty of Measurement into Account’. The comments have been collated following a meeting organised by BMTA on 10 July 2019 and are the views of the 25 people representing 17 testing laboratories and 3 calibration laboratories that were present. There was particular concern about the requirement that measurement uncertainties must be included in all laboratory test reports whether the customer wanted them or not.

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BMTA response to the Government’s consultation proposals for building safety regulatory system

Response by the British Measurement and Testing Association to the Government’s consultation ‘Building a safer future: proposals for the reform of the building safety regulatory system’

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