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Discover how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the UK-EU Trade Deal

Wednesday 14 April 2021 |12.30pm - 1.30pm

The new Trade and Cooperation Agreement resulting from the UK leaving the European Union means you need to address new administrative demands wherever you are based in the world.

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BMTA Strategy Sub-group

The BMTA Council have considered the strategic path for the BMTA and have formed a strategy sub-group to further the Association’s forward thinking direction of travel.

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ILAC - IAF Single Organisation Project

The ILAC and IAF have announced the appointment of Dr.-Ing. Thomas Facklam Unternehmensberatung as the preferred contractor for the IAF-ILAC Single Organisation Project.  Dr. Ing. Facklam is well known having been Chairman of IAF, a member of the EA Executive Committee, Chief Executive of DAkks.

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Temporary Movement of Goods – VAT and Duty Implications

In October HMRC issued Brief 15. This reaffirms the liability of VAT and Duty on goods moved temporarily to a non-owner for processing. For the test and measurement industry, this may mean you are unable to claim back VAT and will be liable for Duty if customers send goods to you for ‘repair’. Repair would include maintenance, testing and calibration.

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UKAS has launched their new brand and website. The brand development process was initiated by customer feedback and heavily supported through stakeholder engagement via UKAS’ Policy Advisory Council (PAC).

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OPSS Call for Evidence on the UK Product Safety Framework

The Office for Product Safety and Standards’ (OPSS) Call for Evidence forms part of OPSS’ Review into the UK’s Product Safety framework. The objective of the Review is to ensure the Product Safety framework is simple, flexible, and fit for the future while delivering safety for all consumers.

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