Your BMTA membership can now give you access to your own team of employment law solicitors, barristers and HR professionals at a fraction of the price for non-members. Delivered through our exclusive partnership with Make UK Legal Services, this service will help you and your organisation to keep informed, compliant and on top of your HR and employment law risks.

Getting the best from your workforce is crucial for sustainable business growth. And in a challenging environment, you need to make sure that your HR function goes beyond compliance - harmonising your people strategy with business objectives to enhance performance and productivity.

The BMTA service brings together a wealth of knowledge and practical leadership experience to help you shape, align and deliver your HR strategy across all areas of your organisation. We can provide you with a pragmatic solution that's grounded in a strong understanding of your individual needs and business culture.

Consultants and trainers accessed through this service can also support your broader people strategy and training needs.

Training programmes including those on employment law and worker status, managing health and wellbeing, performance management and data protection can also be provided through one of the flexible training programmes. The trainers provided through this service are all active employment law advisers and HR consultants. These courses, whether online, in-classroom or one-to-one dependent on your requirement, are devised for experienced HR professionals, senior executives and line managers.


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