Paul Greenwood - Council Member

Divisional Director (Laboratories), Working at United Kingdom Accreditation Service

Paul joined UKAS in 2006 after a 13 year post-graduate career as a chemist in the fields of drinking water analysis, environmental testing and analytical instrument manufacture.

Since joining UKAS he has progressed from the role of Assessment Manager / Technical Assessor to the position of Operations Director.

In addition to oversight of the accreditation of around 1500 laboratories he is a member of the UKAS Executive and responsible for ensuring strategic development and delivery of accreditation nationally and internationally.

Paul is an active participant in various BSI technical committees and a member of the UK Reference Material Working Group.

Working in the Testing, Calibration, Inspection and Certification sector has developed his keen interest in quality management and the benefits it can provide to organisations and their customers when it is appropriately and consistently applied.

Paul Greenwood - CChem MRSC