Dr David Gurden-Williams - Council Member

Senior Test Laboratory Engineer, Working at 3M United Kingdom Plc

David is a Test Laboratory Supervisor at 3M United Kingdom Plc, on the Aycliffe Site. He manages the daily operations of an accredited test laboratory scoped for respiratory protective devices and manages a quality management system which successfully transitioned to ISO9001:2015 and ISO17025:2017.

David is also a BSI committee member for respiratory protection and CEN convenor for a respiratory test method working group.

His values are for following scientific method, trouble shooting, acceptance criteria, technical documents, test rig design and translating this into the standardisation process. This builds into the long-term strategy for the company for the development of future products meeting future standards.

David's BMTA Council membership contributions have been associated with input into council meetings to assist with the strategic direction setting of the association.

His support for the organisation extends to attendance and promotion of BMTA events, from which his company has benefitted from increased knowledge of how measurement and testing best practices assist their business.

Dr David Gurden-Williams - BSc (Jt Hons) Biochemistry / Chemistry, PhD Chemistry, Chartered Scientist